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Tactical Outdoor Dogs Harness Hook and Loop Panels Walking Training Work Dog Vest GRDHH-18

Tactical  outdoor Dogs Harness for Large Dogs, Military Dog Harness with Handle, No-Pull Service Dog Vest Loop Panels, Adjustable Dog Vest Harness for Training Hunting Walking.
  • GRDHH-18


  • M,L,XL

  • Khaki, Army Green, Black, Gray

  • Nylon

  • 1.65 Pounds


Product Description

Tactical Outdoor Dogs Harness GRDHH-18

Tactical Dog Harness (6)

Details of  Outdoor Dogs Harness

Tactical Dog Harness (3)Tactical Dog Harness (1)Tactical Dog Harness (4)Tactical Dog Harness (2)

Features of Outdoor Dogs Harness

  • Adjustable Straps: Outdoor dogs harnesses typically feature adjustable straps that allow for a customized and secure fit. These straps can be easily adjusted to accommodate different sizes and body shapes of dogs.

  • Breathable and Lightweight Materials: The harness is made from breathable and lightweight materials, ensuring that your dog remains comfortable even during active outdoor adventures. These materials promote airflow and prevent overheating.

  • Reflective Elements: Many outdoor dog harnesses incorporate reflective elements, such as strips or stitching, to enhance visibility in low-light conditions. This feature improves safety by making your dog more visible to drivers and others.

  • Durable Construction: Outdoor dog harnesses are constructed with durable materials, such as nylon or polyester, to withstand rugged outdoor use. The harness is designed to withstand pulling, tugging, and general wear and tear.

  • Multiple Attachment Points: These harnesses often feature multiple attachment points, including a back attachment and a front attachment. The back attachment is suitable for regular walking, while the front attachment can provide more control for dogs that tend to pull.

  • Easy On and Off: Outdoor dog harnesses are designed to be easy to put on and take off. They typically feature quick-release buckles or snap closures, allowing for convenient and hassle-free harnessing.

  • Handle or Control Point: Some outdoor dog harnesses come with a handle or control point on the back, allowing you to gain more control over your dog in certain situations, such as crossing busy streets or navigating difficult terrains.

  • Chest or Belly Padding: Many harnesses incorporate padded chest or belly sections to provide added comfort and distribute pressure more evenly. This feature helps to prevent rubbing or discomfort during extended wear.

  • Size and Fit Options: Outdoor dog harnesses are available in various sizes to accommodate different breeds and sizes of dogs. It's important to choose the right size and ensure a proper fit for optimal comfort and effectiveness.

  • Versatile Use: These harnesses can be used for a wide range of outdoor activities, including walking, hiking, jogging, and other adventures. They provide a secure and controlled way to keep your dog safe and comfortable during outdoor excursions.

Service of Outdoor Dogs Harness

Manufactures and wholesalers

We are manufacturing factory which has 15 years experience in making pet products, we have our own design team to design multi Tactical Dog Harness for your choice, For popular items we make stocks which are ready to ship anytime and any quantity, We also release new products frequently.


Professional OEM/ODM Service/low MOQ

We welcome both OEM and ODM orders of Tactical Dog Harness. We could put your logo on our hot-sale model or help you to manufacture the product according to your design. Our MOQ is 200 pcs.


Excellent Customer Service

If you have any question about the Tactical Dog Harness, delivery, or shipment, we have good customer service that ensures your concerns will be responded in time. Also we have rich experience in exporting, We can communicate through the live chat, email or contact form on the website. Our customer service will try best to offer you our honest and professional help and solution.


Fast Delivery and Strict Quality Control

If you order our stock Tactical Dog Harness, we will ship the products out within 2-3 working days.

If you place your customized order, we will confirm the sample with you before bulk production and update you the production situation during the whole production process. We will also send you the images of our finished products and packaging.

We have our quality control team who will do strict quality inspection for every order. We fully think quality is the most important for long-term cooperation and quality is our culture.


Contact us, you will get a sincere and professional partner!

Packing Information

Packing Information of Tactical Dog Harness

Packing Size
13.11 x 12.09 x 2.13 inches; 1.65 Pounds
CTN Size




Shipping and Payment

Shipping & Payment of Tactical Dog Harness

MOQ 200pcs
Sample Leading Time 5-7days
Bulk Leading Time 40 days after deposit payment
Payment Terms T/T 30% deposit and balance before shipping
Port Shanghai Port
Shipping Method By sea/air/express

Mydays sells map

  • For large quantity, we suggest shipping by sea.

  • For small quantity, air express is our preferred shipping method.

  • We support shipment by "HK post" "China post" "EMS" "DHL" "UPS" "FEDEX" "TNT" .

  • If you need help selecting a fast and reliable shipping company, please contact us direct and we will do our best to help.


FAQ of Outdoor Dogs Harness

Q1: What is an outdoor dog harness?

 An outdoor dog harness is a type of harness specifically designed for dogs that are taken outside for activities such as walking, hiking, or jogging. It is designed to provide comfort, control, and safety for both the dog and the owner.

Important information:

  1. Comfort: Outdoor dog harnesses are constructed with padding and adjustable straps to ensure a comfortable fit for the dog.

  2. Control: These harnesses often have multiple attachment points, such as a back clip or front clip, to give the owner better control over the dog's movements.

  3. Safety: Outdoor dog harnesses are designed to distribute the force evenly across the dog's body, reducing strain on the neck and preventing injuries.

Q2: How does an outdoor dog harness differ from a regular dog collar? 

An outdoor dog harness differs from a regular dog collar in terms of functionality and benefits.

Important information:

  1. Distribution of force: Unlike a collar that puts pressure on the dog's neck, a harness distributes the force evenly across the chest and back, reducing the risk of neck injuries.

  2. Control: A harness provides better control over the dog's movements, especially for dogs that tend to pull on the leash.

  3. Safety: Outdoor dog harnesses often come with reflective materials or built-in handles for increased visibility and easier lifting in case of emergencies.

Q3: What are the advantages of using an outdoor dog harness? 

Using an outdoor dog harness offers several advantages for both dogs and their owners.

Important information:

  1. Reduced strain: By distributing the force evenly, a harness reduces strain on the dog's neck and prevents potential injuries.

  2. Improved control: The design of an outdoor dog harness allows for better control over the dog's movements, making walks and outdoor activities safer and more enjoyable.

  3. Enhanced safety: Many outdoor dog harnesses have reflective elements or attachments for ID tags, increasing visibility and ensuring the dog can be easily identified.

Q4: How do I choose the right size of an outdoor dog harness? 

Choosing the right size for an outdoor dog harness is crucial to ensure a proper fit and maximum comfort for the dog.

Important information:

  1. Measure your dog: Use a flexible tape measure to measure your dog's chest girth, just behind the front legs, and refer to the manufacturer's size chart for the appropriate size.

  2. Adjustable straps: Look for harnesses with adjustable straps to achieve a snug fit without being too tight or too loose.

  3. Try it on: Once you have the harness, carefully put it on your dog and check for any discomfort or restriction of movement. Make necessary adjustments if needed.

Q5: Can an outdoor dog harness be used for all dog breeds? 

Yes, outdoor dog harnesses are suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Important information:

  1. Size availability: Most manufacturers offer a range of sizes to accommodate different breeds, from small dogs to large breeds.

  2. Breed-specific features: Some harnesses are designed with specific breed traits in mind, such as longer bodies or wider chests, to ensure a better fit.

  3. Adjustable straps: Harnesses with adjustable straps allow for customization, making them suitable for various dog breeds and body types.

Q6: Are outdoor dog harnesses escape-proof? 

While outdoor dog harnesses are designed to provide security, no harness can guarantee 100% escape-proof functionality.

Important information:

  1. Proper fit: Ensuring a snug and proper fit is essential to minimize the risk of escape.

  2. Secure attachments: Choose a harness with sturdy buckles and reliable attachment points to prevent accidental releases.

  3. Supervision: Always supervise your dog when using a harness, especially if they are prone to escaping or have a high prey drive.

Q7: Can I leave an outdoor dog harness on my dog all the time? 

It is not recommended to leave an outdoor dog harness on your dog all the time.

Important information:

  1. Comfort and safety: Dogs need time without a harness to allow their skin to breathe and prevent any potential discomfort or chafing.

  2. Regular checks: Regularly inspect the harness for wear and tear, ensuring it remains in good condition.

  3. Rest periods: Give your dog regular breaks from wearing the harness to prevent any skin irritations or pressure sores.

Q8: How do I clean an outdoor dog harness? 

Cleaning an outdoor dog harness is important to maintain hygiene and ensure its longevity.

Important information:

  1. Check the manufacturer's instructions: Different harness materials may have specific cleaning requirements, so always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines.

  2. Handwashing: If allowed, handwash the harness using a mild detergent and lukewarm water. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.

  3. Spot cleaning: For minor stains or dirt, spot clean the harness using a damp cloth or sponge. Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach that could damage the material.

Q9: Can an outdoor dog harness be used for water activities? 

Yes, there are outdoor dog harnesses specifically designed for water activities.

Important information:

  1. Waterproof materials: Look for harnesses made from waterproof or quick-drying materials to ensure comfort during water activities.

  2. Buoyancy: Some water-specific harnesses feature buoyancy aids to help keep the dog afloat.

  3. Reflective elements: Opt for harnesses with reflective elements for better visibility, especially during low-light conditions.

Q10: Can an outdoor dog harness help with leash pulling? 

Yes, an outdoor dog harness can help address leash pulling behavior.

Important information:

  1. Front-clip harnesses: Harnesses with a front attachment point help redirect the dog's forward motion when they pull, encouraging them to face the owner instead.

  2. Back-clip harnesses: Back-clip harnesses provide more control over the dog's movement, making it easier to discourage pulling.

  3. Training: While a harness can assist with leash pulling, it is essential to combine it with proper training techniques for long-term behavior improvement.


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