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Professional Pet Products Manufacturer that Shapes Your Business

GeerDuo offers a broad spectrum of pet products to cater to your specific needs and markets. 
You could either choose among our designs and create your personalized pet products.

Featured Custom Made Pet Products

GeerDuo offers a broad spectrum of pet products to cater to your specific needs and markets. 
You could either choose among our designs and create your personalized pet products.

GeerDuo Your Second to None Choice

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About GeerDuo Pet

6Changzhou GeerDuo Pet Products Co. Ltd is the professional pet products manufacturer and wholesaler in China, has the 16+ years experience in manufacturing and exporting...
Geerduo have 300+ employees in the pet products factory, We accept OEM / ODM orders, also for some popular items, we make stocks for wholesaling, We supply pet carrier bags, pet travel bags, pet beds, cat caves, pet car sear covers, dog harness, leashes, and other pet products. We also accept small orders, With over 30+ persons' sales team, and ISO 9001 certified factory, we will supply you all professional service.

Unparalleled Services Get You All Covered

We work tirelessly and strive to provide you with an unforgettable buying experience right from initial design to ultimate after-sales.

Customization Service

Geerduo Pet provide OEM/ODM services with your LOGO, giving you budget-sensitive customization proposals based on years of industry experience.


Wholesaling Service

For some new and hot items, we will make stocks in the warehouse, and you can order even one quantity.


Door to Door Shipping

We have set warehouse for fast delivery and good after service. The goods are sent to your house directly with custom cleared and tax paid.


Full Set of Certification

Geerduo Pet factory has passed through IS09001 and BSCI certification also has REACH / EN certification for materials.

Latest Blog Posts

We offer the latest trends, inspiration and custom made pet products industry insights for highlighting your brand and boosting your business.

Some Tools Necessary For Pet Travel

Some tools necessary for pet travel

Company News 2023-03-22

How to choose the fabric of dog car seat cover?

Traveling with pets has gradually become a popular trend. Pet car supplies have become essential on-the-go supplies. Among them, dog car seat covers and dog car booster seat are the most popular. A car seat cover/protector can help shield your car’s interior from anything your dog bring along on you

Company News 2022-12-14

A Pet Owners Guide for a Happy Holiday Season

Did you know a staggering 100,000 dogs die from riding in truck beds per year? This terrible and preventable number of deaths does not include any other pet deaths from collisions or any other lack of pet safety on the road. During the holidays, many people enjoy traveling with their pets in tow. After all, it wouldn’t be a proper getaway without our best fur baby friends.

Company News 2022-04-20

2021 Statistics on the Quantity of Pets in China

According to data, with the increase of my country's per capita disposable income, pet breeding has gradually risen, and the number of pet owners in my country has continued to increase. In 2020, the total number of pet cats and dogs in cities and towns across the country will reach approximately 100.84 million.

Company News 2021-12-29

5 Ways to Protect Your Pet Outdoors

Now that warm weather is here to stay for a while, it's time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine with your petl Whether youhave an inside dog or an outside dog, the outdoors is home to a world of wildlife and endless things to discover. Make sure youand your dog are prepared for your outside adventures!

Company News 2020-06-01

Customer Reviews

Very impressed with the quality of this seat cover/ barrier - installed in under a minute. Super happy how it says in place with the dog getting in and out, keeping the back seat clean too.
This is quite possibly one of the best things I've ever bought. I was nervous it would enable my dog to pull me like a rag doll but it's actually the opposite. It has him walking and running next to me smoothly and it leaves my hands free. If he goes too far to the side, the bungee pulls him back without throwing me out of stride. It's a great leash.
Love this doggie training bag. Has plenty of room for all items that come with it along with cellphone, keys and a water bottle.I am very happy to order the product this time, I will order another batch in the near future
Great product, perfect for camping with the dogs! Gives them a bed to sleep in the tent or just a place to settle while hanging out at the campsite. Great price!!!

Customize Your Pet Products with Factory Prices

GeerDuo is your reliable custom pet products manufacturer, capable of providing you stylish and functional pet products with cost-efficient OEM/ODM services.


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