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Pet Car Console Seat with Toy Armrest Booster Seat GRDO-24

Pet Car Console Seat with Toy,Middle Console Puppy Car Seat for Small Dog
  • GRDO-24


  • 9.8*16.5*9inch

  • Blue、Grey

  • Leathaire

  • 1.7lb

  • PP Bag


Product Description

Pet Car Console Seat with Toy GRDO-24

console seat (3)

Details of Pet Car Console Seat with Toy

console seat (3)console seat (5)console seat (1)console seat (4)console seat (2)

Features of Pet Car Console Seat with Toy

  • Secure Attachment: The seat is designed to securely attach to the car's console, providing a stable and safe spot for your pet during the ride. It typically has adjustable straps or buckles that allow for easy installation and secure attachment.

  • Elevated Position: The seat raises your pet to a higher position, allowing them to have a better view of their surroundings and reducing the likelihood of car sickness or discomfort.

  • Soft and Comfortable Padding: The seat is equipped with soft and comfortable padding to provide a cozy and cushioned surface for your pet to sit or lie on. This helps to reduce pressure points and ensure a comfortable ride.

  • Safety Harness or Restraint: Many pet car console seats come with a built-in safety harness or restraint system. This helps to secure your pet in place and prevents them from moving around or jumping out of the seat during the ride.

  • Toy Attachment: These seats often have a built-in toy attachment feature, allowing you to attach a toy or chewable item to keep your pet entertained during the journey. This helps to reduce anxiety or boredom and keeps your pet occupied throughout the ride.

  • Easy to Clean: Pet car console seats are designed to be easy to clean. They often feature removable and machine-washable covers that can be easily cleaned and maintained, ensuring a hygienic seating environment for your pet.

  • Compact and Portable: These seats are usually lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport and store when not in use. This allows for convenient use in different vehicles or for travel purposes.

  • Size and Weight Capacity: Pet car console seats come in various sizes and have weight capacity guidelines. It's important to choose a seat that is suitable for your pet's size and weight to ensure proper fit and safety.

  • Breathable and Durable Materials: The seat is typically made of breathable and durable materials that can withstand regular use and provide adequate airflow for your pet's comfort.

  • Easy Installation: Pet car console seats are designed for easy installation and removal. They often feature adjustable straps or buckles that allow for quick and hassle-free setup, making it convenient for pet owners.

Service of Pet Car Console Seat with Toy

Manufactures and wholesalers

We are manufacturing factory which has 15 years experience in making bags, we have our own design team to design multi product models for your choice, For popular items we make stocks which are ready to ship anytime and any quantity, We also release new products frequently.


Professional OEM/ODM Service/low MOQ

We welcome both OEM and ODM orders of Dog Booster seat. We could put your logo on our hot-sale model or help you to manufacture the product according to your design. Our MOQ is 200 pcs.


Excellent Customer Service

If you have any question about the Dog Booster seat, delivery, or shipment, we have good customer service that ensures your concerns will be responded in time. Also we have rich experience in exporting, We can communicate through the live chat, email or contact form on the website. Our customer service will try best to offer you our honest and professional help and solution.


Fast Delivery and Strict Quality Control

If you order our stock Dog Booster seat, we will ship the products out within 2-3 working days.

If you place your customized order, we will confirm the sample with you before bulk production and update you the production situation during the whole production process. We will also send you the images of our finished products and packaging.

We have our quality control team who will do strict quality inspection for every order. We fully think quality is the most important for long-term cooperation and quality is our culture.


Contact us, you will get a sincere and professional partner!

Packing Information

Packing Information


Packing Size 17.3*9.2*4.7inch
CTN Size



console seat (7)          carton         

Shipping and Payment

Shipping & Payment

MOQ 200pcs
Sample Leading Time 5-7days
Bulk Leading Time 40 days after deposit payment
Payment Terms T/T 30% deposit and balance before shipping
Port Shanghai Port
Shipping Method By sea/air/express

Mydays sells map

  • For large quantity, we suggest shipping by sea.

  • For small quantity, air express is our preferred shipping method.

  • We support shipment by "HK post" "China post" "EMS" "DHL" "UPS" "FEDEX" "TNT" .

  • If you need help selecting a fast and reliable shipping company, please contact us direct and we will do our best to help.


FAQ of Pet Car Console Seat with Toy

Q1: What is a pet car console seat with toy? 

A1: A pet car console seat with toy is a specially designed seat that attaches to the console of your car, providing a comfortable and secure space for your pet to ride along with the added bonus of a toy for entertainment.

Important information:

  1. Console attachment: The seat is designed to be attached to the center console of your car, allowing your pet to sit close to you while you drive.

  2. Comfort and safety: The seat is padded to provide comfort for your pet during the car ride and comes with a safety tether or strap to secure your pet in place.

  3. Toy feature: The seat includes a built-in toy, typically attached to the front of the seat, to keep your pet entertained during the journey.

Q2: What are the benefits of using a pet car console seat with toy? 

A2: Using a pet car console seat with toy offers several advantages for both you and your pet.

Important information:

  1. Safety: The seat keeps your pet secure and prevents them from wandering around the car while you're driving, reducing the risk of accidents or distractions.

  2. Comfortable travel: The padded seat provides a cozy and elevated spot for your pet to relax during car rides, reducing anxiety and motion sickness.

  3. Entertainment: The attached toy helps keep your pet engaged and entertained throughout the journey, making the car ride more enjoyable for them.

Q3: How do I install a pet car console seat with toy? 

A3: Installing a pet car console seat with toy is typically a straightforward process.

Important information:

  1. Positioning: Place the seat on the center console of your car, ensuring it is securely attached and stable.

  2. Attachment method: Follow the manufacturer's instructions to fasten the seat to the console using the provided straps, buckles, or hooks.

  3. Adjustments: Make any necessary adjustments to ensure the seat is level, secure, and comfortable for your pet.

Q4: Is a pet car console seat with toy suitable for all pets? 

A4: While a pet car console seat with toy can accommodate many pets, there are certain considerations to keep in mind.

Important information:

  1. Size and weight: Check the weight and size limitations specified by the manufacturer to ensure the seat is appropriate for your pet.

  2. Temperament: Some pets may not feel comfortable or may become anxious in a confined space like a car seat. Observe your pet's behavior and comfort level before using the seat.

  3. Training and acclimation: Introduce your pet to the seat gradually, allowing them to associate it with positive experiences. Reward them with treats or praise to create a positive association.

Q5: Can I use a pet car console seat with toy in any type of vehicle? 

A5: Pet car console seats with toys are designed to be compatible with most vehicles, but there are a few factors to consider.

Important information:

  1. Console design: Ensure that your vehicle has a suitable center console design that can accommodate the attachment of the seat.

  2. Compatibility with seat belts: Check if the seat can be securely fastened using your vehicle's seat belts or if additional accessories, such as straps or harnesses, are required.

  3. Vehicle size: Consider the size of your vehicle and the available space on the center console to ensure the seat fits properly and does not obstruct the driver's view.

Q6: Can I use a pet car console seat with toy for long journeys? 

A6: Yes, a pet car console seat with toy can be used for long journeys, providing comfort and entertainment for your pet throughout the trip.

Important information:

  1. Comfort features: The padded seat and attached toy help keep your pet relaxed and entertained during extended periods in the car.

  2. Breaks and rest stops: It's important to plan regular breaks and rest stops during long journeys to allow your pet to stretch their legs, use the restroom, and have some water and food.

  3. Monitoring your pet: Keep an eye on your pet's well-being throughout the journey, checking for any signs of discomfort or distress. Make adjustments or stop as needed to ensure their comfort.

Q7: Can I use a pet car console seat with toy for multiple pets? 

A7: It depends on the size and design of the seat and the compatibility of your pets.

Important information:

  1. Size considerations: Check the dimensions and weight capacity of the seat to determine if it can accommodate multiple pets comfortably.

  2. Pet compatibility: Ensure that your pets get along well and are comfortable being in close proximity to each other during the car ride.

  3. Safety and space: Make sure each pet has enough space and is securely tethered within the seat to prevent any potential conflicts or accidents.

Q8: Can I remove the toy from the pet car console seat? 

A8: In most cases, the toy attached to the pet car console seat can be easily removed if desired.

Important information:

  1. Entertainment options: Removing the toy allows you to replace it with your pet's favorite toy or provide a different form of entertainment during the car ride.

  2. Toy safety: Ensure that any replacement toy you choose is safe for your pet and does not pose a choking hazard.

  3. Compatibility: Some pet car console seats may have specific attachments or designs that make it difficult to remove or replace the toy. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for guidance.

Q9: How do I clean a pet car console seat with toy? 

A9: Keeping the pet car console seat with toy clean is important for maintaining hygiene and the comfort of your pet.

Important information:

  1. Removable parts: Check if any parts of the seat, such as the cover or toy, are removable and machine washable. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning.

  2. Spot cleaning: For minor spills or stains, spot clean the seat using a pet-safe cleaner or mild soap and water.

  3. Drying: Ensure that all components are thoroughly dried before reassembly to prevent the growth of mold or mildew.

Q10: Can I use a pet car console seat with toy for pets other than dogs? 

A10: While pet car console seats with toys are commonly used for dogs, they can also be suitable for other small to medium-sized pets.

Important information:

  1. Size considerations: Ensure that the seat dimensions and weight capacity are appropriate for your specific pet, whether it's a cat, a small dog, or another small animal.

  2. Temperament and comfort: Some pets may not enjoy or feel comfortable in a car seat. Take into account your pet's individual preferences and behavior when considering this type of seat.

  3. Safety measures: Ensure that the seat is securely attached and that your pet is properly restrained to prevent accidents or injuries during the car ride.


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