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How to choose the fabric of dog car seat cover?

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Traveling with pets has gradually become a popular trend. Pet car supplies have become essential on-the-go supplies. Among them, dog car seat covers and dog car booster seat are the most popular. A car seat cover/protector can help shield your car’s interior from anything your dog bring along on your next drive, such as hair, wet paws, drool, a muddy ball, crumbs, and every other mess in between. Therefore, how to choose a suitable fabric to make dog car covers has become particularly important.

-Types of Dog Car Seat Cover

-The style and function classification of dog car seat protector

-Fabric Analysis of Dog Car Seat Covers in the Current Market

-The best-selling dog seat covers styles in the e-commerce market

A. Types of Dog Car Seat Cover

1. Pet Car Front Seat Covers

2. Pet Car Rear Seat Covers

3. Pet Car Cargo Liners


Front Seat Covers

side flap

Rear Seat Covers


Cargo Liners


B. The style and function classification of dog car seat protector

1. Standard and Simple Style, without Side Flap 

This style pet car seat cover is designed to quickly and easily install to protect your bench seat from mud, water, pet dander and whatever else your pets and passengers track in.


Standard Dog Car Seat Cover

2. Side Flap Style

The side flap style can be used to protect the side of the car seat away from dog scratches, fur, and urine.

side flap

Side Flap Dog Car Seat Cover

3. Hammock Style

The hammock style dog seat cover for car help your dog to get in and out of car easily ,while preventing scratching the leather benches and doors. Two sides can be fixed on the car, protecting the safety of pets.


Hammock Pet Car Seat Cover

4. Visible Mesh Window Style

Dog car seat cover with mesh breath window provides your dog with a better air circulation in Summer and Winter. Ensure your dog feels cool and warm. This seat cover for dogs visual window allows dog to see you clearly through the window which helps your dog reduce anxiety and keep calm when traveling.


Visible Mesh Window Dog Car Seat Cover

5. Detachable Style

Detachable Style is multifunctional dog car seat cover. It can be transformed into a dog hammock, back seat cover, pet front seat cover, or trunk cargo liner by using zipper.

detachable dog-car-seat-cover

Detachable Dog Car Seat Cover

C. Fabric Analysis of Dog Car Seat Covers in the Current Market

1. 600D Single-layer Oxford

- Plain color - Water Resistance - PVC coating or PU coating - Cheap price

SC-7-cargo-area-liner     GEERDUO® Dog Cargo Liner   oxford  600D Single Layer Oxford  


2. 600D Oxford Quilted Cotton

- Water Resistance - Soft and Comfortable - Higher price than single-layer oxford

SB-11-pet-car-seat-coverGEERDUO® Dog Car Rear Seat Protector    quilted 600D Oxford Quilted Cotton

3. Single-layer Wet Waxed Canvas

- Durable & Strong - High Waterproof Performance - Moisture-proof and cold-proof - Higher price than Oxford cloth

waxed-canvas-dog-car-seat-cover-1-jpg  GEERDUO® Waxed Canvas Car Seat Cover   waxed canvas Wet Waxed Canvas

4. Absorbent Fabric

- Good water absorption and leakproof function

- Nice absorbent core

- Bottom TPU waterproof layer for helping better lock in liquids and odors

- The price is about the same as wet waxed canvas

dog-car-back-seat-coverGEERDUO® Water-Absorbent Dog Car Seat Cover    dog-car-back-seat-cover (1)Composite Absorbent Fabric

D. The best-selling dog seat covers styles in the e-commerce market

1. Amazon Best Selling

Most of hot selling dog car seat covers are black or solid color, and there are more Side Flap, Hammock and Detachable Style. Amazon shops focus more on functionality.

Active pet

Active Petz®





2. Etsy Best Selling

Esty itself is a platform where handmade goods stores gather. The dog car seat covers above are mostly simple single-layer oxford types. It is easy to make by yourself, but the color is richer than Amazon platform.


Sense Forest

flora NewPeanutDesign

Soda Glitter

To sum up, to choose a dog car seat protector with suitable fabric, we should consider many aspects. For example, the model of the car, the size of the pet, which parts of the car need to be protected, the requirements for waterproof performance, and the price. We hope this article can help you choose a car dog mat that suits your furry friends.

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